SRW, Inc. provides a wide array of specialized services and training across industry lines and along the spectrum of corporate activities, in any location and on-demand, in order to enhance the personal and organizational success of our clients.
Specialized Services »
SRW, Inc. flagship services include, but are not limited to, the following activities. SRW, Inc. also has the ability to customize additional services and/or tailor existing services to meet the needs of our clients.
  • Military and Law Enforcement Contractual Services
    SRW, Inc. provides access to highly-trained and experienced military and police special operations personnel capable of fulfilling contracts, CONUS and OCONUS, within various disciplines. From Conventional Forces to SOF and L.E. Basic Academy to S.W.A.T., SRW, Inc. can meet the requirements for many supporting and supported activities in this realm.
  • Personnel Acquisition
    As a result of the past and present service of SRW, Inc.’s team, SRW, Inc. provides access to a large network of individuals with various skills in military, police, intelligence, and other realms. When you need personnel, often at short notice, contact SRW, Inc.
  • Risk Analysis and Mitigation
    In a 21st Century world fraught with risks never before envisioned, SRW, Inc. stands ready to assist you by conducting safety/security analysis and mitigation in any location, thus enhancing the ability of your corporation to focus on your core activities without distractions or worries related to physical and personal security. Not only can SRW, Inc. conduct this activity, but we can also train your people to do so.
  • "Red Cell" Operations
    SRW, Inc. has a cadre of seasoned, highly-trained professionals capable of testing and evaluating security systems by planning and conducting “assaults” on your operation. Upon conclusion of such an exercise, SRW, Inc. provides a complete After Action Review and report so the client may make the changes and adjustments necessary for improving security systems and operations.
  • Security Assessment & Evaluation
    SRW, Inc. offers complete personal and corporate security physical security reviews for a variety of facilities or personalities. Completion of the assessment and evaluation includes a detailed report on the status and nature of security, and contains recommendations for improving security operations where applicable.
  • Travel Security
    SRW, Inc. provides area and location studies for destinations as requested by clients. Each study provides detailed information focused on enhancing safety and security while traveling, particularly to locations where risk is elevated. SRW, Inc. can also provide professional, low-key, “gray man” personnel to enhance travel security where warranted and requested.
  • Courier Activities
    SRW, Inc. provides seasoned professionals to courier or escort sensitive items in regions or areas where elevated risk is present.
  • Recovery Services
    SRW, Inc. provides the capability to recover items or personnel where legally entitled to do so.
Specialized Training »
SRW, Inc.’s flagship services include, but are not limited to, the following. SRW, Inc. also has the ability to customize additional training or tailor existing training content to meet the needs of our clients.
  • Firearms Training
    SRW, Inc.’s cadre of firearms trainers are among the best available anywhere at any venue. From handguns to various military weapons systems, trainers are available to train civilians in defensive firearms use as well as U.S. and foreign law enforcement and military services in all facets of small arms and crew-served weapon systems.
  • Tactical Training
    SRW, Inc. offers clients across many services the ability to develop personnel to a high level of tactical competence. From Personal Security Details to Hostage Rescue Teams, SRW, Inc.’s cadre of highly experienced LE/MIL trainers can design and execute any tactical training program of instruction required.
  • Customized Training
    SRW, Inc. can build and conduct specialized training programs within the realm of activities and expertise within the law enforcement and military communities. Contact SRW, Inc. for further information.